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Welcome to the Tornado Facts website. This website is an educational resource on tornadoes, which are one of the most violent weather events on our planet. We provide the latest and most credible facts on tornadoes. Our mission is to educate the public on tornadoes and through that education empower people with the knowledge they would need during a real tornado emergency.

As meteorologists advance their research and studies on tornadoes we'll need to make periodic updates to the information on this website. We recommend bookmarking this website and checking back periodically to see if any tornado facts or tornado myths have been updated.

F5 Tornado that Struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama

It doesn't matter if you're a tornado enthusiast, student, teacher or meteorologist, we have the information you're looking for when it comes to tornadoes. This website is broken up into different sections to make it easier to find the tornado facts and information you're looking for. Below is a comprehensive list of all these sections and what you'll find in each one. If you find any factual errors on this website please contact us. Please remember tornadoes are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Only qualified trained individuals should attempt to photograph or video record a tornado.

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Tornado Facts and Information

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Did you know a tornado is also sometimes referred to as a twister or a cyclone? There are lots of fun tornado facts that would blow your mind. You just need to separate tornado fact from tornado myth. We invite you to explore our website and increase your knowledge on this violent, but intriguing weather event.

Information on this website was pulled from sources such as Wikipedia, NOAA and The Tornado Project.