A tornado which contains several vortices that are called suction vortices or sub-vortices, rotating inside or around as a part of the main vortex is called a multiple-vortex tornado. The vortex is the part of the tornado which is whirling around cone-shaped upside down. The tip of the cone touches the earth and cause severe destruction.

How to Tell if a Tornado is a Multiple-vortex

Suction vortices are substructures of many tornadoes, but they are not easily visible. The only time multiple vortices tornado get visible is when a tornado is first forming or when debris and condensation are balance in such a way that sub-vortices are apparent without getting obscured. They occur at the base of the vertex of the tornado where the tornado touches the surface of the earth. The suction vortices come in groups of 2 to 5 and usually last for a few minutes. The speed of over 100mph can add to the relative wind of the ground in the circulation of a tornado which is responsible for extreme destruction in the path of a tornado.